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Let me present myself

Hi, my name is OLGA MUÑOZ, I have been a real estate agent in Stockholm since 2008. As an agent, I often get calls from people who want to buy a property but find the real estate market in Sweden and the buying process too complicated. They feel alone and stressed in the negotiation with banks and the seller's real estate agent, especially in the bidding stage and evaluation of the properties. This has kept them from fulfilling their dream.

In the real estate market in Sweden, real estate agents have an obligation to give advice to both the seller and the buyer, but there is normally no agent who only represents the buyer. My wish is to give you as a buyer the opportunity to choose your own agent to represent you throughout the buying process.

One of my biggest advantages is that I speak English, Spanish and Swedish and have many years of experience in the real estate market. As an advisor, I will be able to represent you in bank transaction, send you different options of properties in and outside the market, represent you in the contact with the seller’s agent, go through all the legal documents before the signing of the contract and guiding you through the whole process until the handing over of the keys.

My goal is for you to feel 100% safe, supported and guided throughout the purchasing process. I want you to know exactly which documents to sign, whether you are purchasing an apartment or a house. Buying a property is a very important decision where you must be 100% safe.

Now you may ask your self: what is the first step? Start by filling out our form. When we get in touch you, I will look into your budget and depending on your income, we can find out which properties would be possible for you to purchase.

Do it today, do not hesitate because with professional help you also can have the opportunity of buying your own home.

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